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If your looking for a quick and easy way to analyse a horses chance of winning, losing or placing in a race, you'll love The Racing Dashboard Software!!

With just a couple of clicks and few seconds the Software scans daily race cards and scores each horse based on many many different race affecting factors

This Incredible software Is by far the best form reading software available for horse racing, just look at what it uses to analyse races

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I’ve been using the FFP auto software for 14 days now and I must say it’s really made things easier and faster. The principle of adding the OR, RPR and TS together is a great idea in itself to start with. Used selectively in the races that I look at, it has come up with 22 winners out of 95 selections (23% strike rate) at average Belfair odds of 8.5, giving an amazing 92 points profit. In 2 weeks that is just fantastic, lets hope it can continue.

I think you’ve improved it in leaps and bounds since i started. The scan feature and Irish racing is a great addition.

I don't know if you could improve it any further.


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Thanks Brad

Just back checked yesterdays results. I know 1 swallow doesn't make a summer but almost shocked with results and prices.


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Hi Brad

After just 2 days all I can say is that the software works faultlessly and the results are very good indeed! If you can add Ireland, so much the better but the present format looks good as it is.

Thanks for a great bit of kit.



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Hi Brad,

I have used the software today for the first time and made over 10 points profit. If I had used it yesterday, I think the profit would have been in excess of 25 points. That doesn't matter because I am sure that there will be plenty of winning days to come.

I'm not sure about including Irish races, I think we have enough to go on with racing here.

To be quite honest, I can't see how you could improve it just now, it's a great piece of kit!

Keep up the good work.


Dave Pownall.

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Hi Brad

5 Minutes of Fun

Pro bet as always been a good way to find winners Auto just made it easier

Min 1 purchased the auto
Min 2 logged in to auto system
Min 3 downloaded to days races
Min 4 Backed top rated in the first @ Goodwood
Min 5 13/2 WINNER

1 months subs paid in 5 minutes

Many thanks


You'll be given the exact same Automated Software that I now personally use every single day to help me select the winners that I make my money from. This BRILLIANT software will....

Form Finder PRO Indiviual Race Scan

The Form Finder PRO uses the Racing Posts OR TS and RPR ratings to generate scores for each runner

Form Finder PRO Scanner

Scans the Form Finder PRO ratings and finds either the top or bottom rated runners

In Form 3 Selections

Uses a horses recent Form, Fitness and C+D History, to generate scores

Competition Analyser Ratings

The Competition Scanner Analyses every horse in the race and awards points to each horse based on the competition it faces within the race. It uses

Racing Riches Ratings

Uses recent Form, Fitness, C+D History, Weight & Age to generate scores

Form Analyser

Allows you to searh for a horses past results and even allows you to create your own systems

The videos above are just a few examples of how the software can be used. You can create your own systems or even just find certain runner criteria quickly. You can search for


System 1 – Backing System that uses the Form Finder Pro, In Form 3 & Competition Analyser to find only the best potential selections

System 2 – A Place Betting System that uses The Competition Analyser Ratings and Tipster Selectionst

System 3 – A Lay Betting System that uses the Form Finder PRO, Competition Analyser, TS and Recent Form to find selections

Racing Dashboard Ratings

A Combination of the Form Finder PRO, Inform 3, Competition Analyser and Racing Riches Ratings

This software has been developed over the last year and started of as a simple piece of software with only a couple of scan capabilities. With a huge amount of development and massive costs its now one of the most in depth pieces of form reading software you'll find anywhere.

This All Sounds Great But Is Such An Advanced Piece Of Horse Racing Betting Software Going To Cost Me A Fortune?

No Don't worry! I'm not going to ask you for anything like the THOUSANDS it's cost me to develop this awesome Betting Software! In fact.... I'm going to give you a very special offer, As long as you act FAST!!

special offer

If you act RIGHT NOW you'll get this Incredible Betting Software for just £17 a month.

But why charge monthly for this Software???

The reason for this is simple, In order for the Betting Software to work it needs to use data from a third party site. Because of this Racing Software needs to be monitored and updated on a regular basis so it continues to run efficiantly. This obviously comes and a cost as I need to pay the programmer to run weekly checks, this is the reason for the small monthly charge.

This is a Time Sensitive Offer and the price will rise after the frist 100 people have joined. So to guarantee you get your hands on this phenomenal Racing Software at the incredible price ORDER RIGHT NOW!

P.S. Remember, this Horse Racing Betting Software is totally automated and is without doubt one of the fastest ways you'll ever make money from Betting on Horse Racing. It'll show you exactly how to pick winning, Losing or horses time that'll place and time again in just seconds!

P.P.S. Finally, let me remind you once again that this Software is available at the introductory price to the first 100 subscribers only. To make sure you don't miss out on the incredible price ORDER RIGHT NOW

The Racing Dashboard Software relies on a 3rd party web site to gather the data needed for the software to work.

If this 3rd party make any changes to the structure of their website it could cause the Form Finder Pro AUTO to stop working for a short period of time.

If this does happen we do our very best to fix the problem within 72 hours and no refunds will be given. However, if we are unable to fix the problem within 5 consecutive days a refund for the week will be issued.